Once a month, the residents take part in a Gratitude Gathering

for sharing pertinent information and celebrating our time together. Additionally, all residents maintain a light cleaning schedule to ensure a compatible environment for all. All other activities are optional.  Also, we are a vegetarian environment, with no smoking, alcohol, or illegal drug use allowed on the premises.

We are seeking individuals who are not only conscious in their own spiritual growth, but who can respect and nurture the growth of others in the community.  We aim to live harmoniously, and to create an empowering and enlightening environment, assisting each other on our paths toward spiritual fulfillment & overall well-being.

 We have a large shared commercial vegetarian kitchen, shared dining area, TV room/living space, contemplation room.

What we expect from our residents:

 An attitude of fun, laughter, and enjoyment.

  • Flexibility in body, mind and spirit.
  • Understanding that everyone is growing, and nobody is perfect.
  • Compassion and communication — the keys to any successful community living situation.

“As one of the crew that literally helped build this structure, I have over the years been unconsciously  monitoring its transformational life. So, I can say without fear of contradiction that it’s never had as much fun, and felt more meaningful and important as it does at this time of its life. Over the past two years or so the transformational shift has been truly magical. A new birth has taken place; or rather, is taking place, for I have a feeling that the a map has now been found, and the journey to the treasure has only just recently begun.” ~ Steve Thomason, resident & entrepreneur


“We are all creative children of GOD and are his ambassadors, representatives and assistants on this earth for Him. Our mission on this earth and for the world is to continually spread the love. ‘Love’ is contagious and spreads like a wild fire! As a community of higher learning, let's keep the fire burning - spread the Love! There is nothing greater than Love!” ~ Cheryl Hatoum


"Becoming a resident for me has been life changing. Completely. When I first came to the IAM Community, I was transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. I can't believe who I have become. 100 pounds lighter, I have discovered the joy of bicycling, gardening and yoga. I am happier than I have ever been because I have found true friends here... Plus the love of my life." ~ Janine Lechuga