Spotlight on: Steve Thomason


Born in Northampton, England, Steve is a businessman, humorist and a philanthropist. Steve founded Humor Helping Humanity back in 2000 just after the “Patch Adams” movie came out, and made laughter a significant option in accelerating the healing process. Since… Read More

Spotlight on: Jack Barnard


I AM Community resident, Jack Barnard is a writer, speaker and master presentation trainer.   His eclectic background blends business, human potential facilitation, and artistic expression.   Jack works with speakers and would-be speakers one-on-one and in workshops.    Jack is the… Read More

Spotlight on: Robert Redecker


I AM Community Resident Robert Redecker has done something extraordinary. He shifted the Community to a new high with the addition of his earth cobb oven in our garden. Since the project has been completed, the Magic Garden… Read More

Spotlight on: Jenwah Panther, resident, artist & performer

Jenwah image

From Jenwah Panther, resident, artist & ceremonial performer   ‘I AM” COMMMUNITY OF LONG BEACH ANNOUNCES ITSELF INTO EXISTENCE AS AN INTENTIONALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL COMMUNITY We assume Personal and Collective Responsibility to Be Co-Creators with the Greater Life  Of… Read More