Walk Long Beach and MAP MY WALK


Join 20 million other people getting fit with MAP MY WALK.  The I AM Community Long Beach is centrally located. It’s close to the beach, the Pike, shopping, arts district and Pine Avenue events. Walking is the best… Read More

Hatha Yoga Flow Free Vinyasa Yoga class with Lesley Fightmaster

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Yoga Poses


Kundalini Yoga

20 Minute Beginners Yoga

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  The I AM Community Hatha Yoga By Dillon Carlyon Thursdays at 5:00 pm  Fee:  Donation Dillon Carlyon Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/cognition1?fref=ts  Dillon Carlyon is also the sole proprietor of Dillon Carylon Astrology

Healthy Living: Long Beach Bike Culture


Long Beach Bike Culture The I AM Community is part of Long Beach’s flourishing forward bike culture. One of our residents, Ben King cycles 50 + miles every other day. For his last birthday, he cycled as many… Read More

I AM Yoga


For many here at the I AM Community and throughout Long Beach, yoga is a way of life. One of the highlights of living at the I Am Community is the Hatha Yoga classes by Dillon Carlyon, Thursdays at 5:00… Read More