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I AM Community resident, Jack Barnard is a writer, speaker and master presentation trainer.   His eclectic background blends business, human potential facilitation, and artistic expression.   Jack works with speakers and would-be speakers one-on-one and in workshops.   

Jack is the author of the book:

         We Get our Cue from You -- The Communion Approach 
          to Public Speaking and  Presentation,

And the creator of a three part Audiotape/CD series: 

        The Soul of Speaking, 

        Once Upon a Time: Storytelling,

         Mesmerize Your Audience.

In seriousness and in jest, he says, "I've written four books, produced seven plays, penned numerous songs, and written hundreds of checks."

He's also the developer of SourceWork, a playful model of dynamic, improvisational expression.   This technique emphasizes the specialness of the individual, focusing on the permission to bring forth one's unique expression and style.   Jack has facilitated more than three hundred SourceWork events in both the U.S. and in Europe.

In Jack's own words,


"I'm something of a Renaissance facilitator — with an eclectic background of business achievement, artistic expression and group leadership. 

Business…In my early twenties, I had a daily radio talk show on the ABC station in Kansas City, soon moved over to management, and by the time I was twenty-seven I was president of a six-station radio chain. 

Creativity…In my next incarnation I touched on just about every aspect of creative expression: as a director, performer and author of scripts, plays, books and songs. 

Facilitation…I developed what I call SourceWork, a playful technique of dynamic expression; a mixing of the practical, the radical and the theatrical. In both human potential and corporate settings, I have facilitated some 400+ SourceWork events in both the US and Europe.

Today I work primarily with speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and business hotshots, both one-on-one and in group settings. Among product: a book: We Get Our Cue From You...The Communion Approach to Public Speaking and three CDs: The Soul of Speaking, Mesmerize Your Audience and Storytelling."

Specialties: Branding, Media Training, Presentation Coaching

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