Spotlight on: Robert Redecker


I AM Community Resident Robert Redecker has done something extraordinary.

He shifted the Community to a new high with the addition of his earth cobb oven in our garden.

Since the project has been completed, the Magic Garden has been the highlight and catalyst to the wonderful community gatherings. 

Robert Redecker is not just a resident but the owner of Earthworks Natural Building. Robert discusses why earth domes?

"Our primary mission is education. We teach concepts and skills that connect people with the EARTH...Literally!

Our goal at EARTHWORKS is to share a style of building that is both archaic and modern at the same time. We teach that there is an alternative buying prefabricated materials from who-knows-where and assembling them according to a pre-determined plan.

Our creations are free-form, curvo-linear designs. They are hand-sculpted works of art made with non-toxic materials. Our installations are ORGANIC. They will last as long as they are maintained, and will never end up in a land fill.

And the best part is we teach people that there that building with EARTH is totally fun!"



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